KATHREIN DS expands the planning tool for designing broadband cable network installations to 32 participants

KATHREIN Digital Systems, a market leader for digital satellite reception technology and specialist for digital signal splitting, has expanded its free planning tool by adding the capability to plan not only SAT-IF installations in star topology and SAT single cable installations but now to plan cable network installations in network level 4 for up to 32 participant connections.

This expands the facility for easy design via the KATHREIN Digital Systems homepage, including the presentation of full information such as signal values, cable lengths and the number of amplifiers, into a new segment of the market. Authorised dealers and installers then receive a material list showing all the necessary components. They can transfer this via the ELBRIDGE 2.0 interface directly into the shopping basket of the desired wholesaler.

The options for configuration of broadband cable networks include a star with offset branches within an apartment (4 to 32 participant connections), the central star with internal branches at the installation location (4, 6 or 8 participant connections) and series distribution with internal splitters and connected loop-through boxes (max. 4 boxes per receiver, 3 to 32 participant connections).

See below for a brief summary of the capabilities of the tool:

  • Convenient design of network installations, including simple and complex SAT networks, single cable networks or broadband cable network installations
  • Complete overview of all level values for the entire installation
  • Planning of tailored cable lengths and placement of amplifiers
  • Calculation of the relevant cable types and packaging units
  • Saving, loading and editing configurations
  • Creation of a signal level plan (PDF) for the entire installation
  • Creation of a material list (PDF) including all the required components
  • Automatic transfer of all articles to a wholesaler’s shopping basket via the ELBRIDGE 2.0 interface
  • Output of planning documentation in the GAEB format


As the first step towards universal use of the planning tool, KATHREIN Digital Systems now offers an English language version for SAT-IF installations in star topology. This includes the material list and signal level plan in English. This is the company’s response to the demand for documentation of installations in a way that can be understood internationally. It also simplifies multi-lingual communication between owners of property, service providers and the trade.

The free planning tool from KATHREIN Digital Systems is available at
https://www.kathrein-ds.com/WEB_SAT_Planungstool/ or from approved wholesalers.

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