KATHREIN DS optimises the ecological footprint of its products

From the very beginning, KATHREIN Digital Systems GmbH (KATHREIN DS), the market leader for digital reception from satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP sources and for signal splitting, incorporated sustainable business practices and trading into its core business model, and has for a long time implemented various measures for conservation of resources into its products. Thus we find power-saving items such as the eco series multi-switches and products with “Kathrein Power Saving” technology are increasingly in demand by dealers and end customers. In order to optimise the environmental footprint of its products even further,
KATHREIN DS is now devoting increasing attention to logistics:

“Optimised logistical processes are essential for an environmentally conscious and sustainable company policy”, explains Martin Arweiler, Logistics Manager at KATHREIN Digital Systems. “It allows us to create added value for our customers and consumers – whilst at the same time reducing our environmental footprint.”

And of course the majority of our company turnover is composed of items which are manufactured directly in Germany and thus do not need to be transported over long distances. In addition, the logistics centre is sited in the optimum location directly at the A7/A8 motorway intersection and immediately adjoining the container railhead. This ensures short transport distances and first class accessibility. In recent years, all our material flows have also been restructured and optimised. For instance KATHREIN DS delivers to the overwhelming majority of its customers once a week and groups all the released orders together. “This single measure of bundling the jobs has allowed us to minimise the number of vehicles arriving at the ramps, thereby avoiding unnecessary transport trips,” comments Martin Arweiler. “The routing within the logistics centre itself is also optimised; and thanks to the use of mobile data terminals it is paperless.”

The building complex of the logistics centre was built in 2013, and itself satisfies all current demands in respect of energy efficiency: Office buildings, production areas and
industrial underfloor heating are heated by means of an air-water pumped heat exchanger, with a condensing gas boiler to cover peak loading;
the remainder of the storage area is heated by directly fired gas infra-red heaters. The lighting is split into local areas which are triggered by movement sensors, so that the lights are on only when people are present. 736 PV modules are installed on the roof of the building; the power they generate is largely used by ourselves.

“As a result of all the measures we have taken, we are more than 20 percent below our annual primary power consumption defined by EnEV 2009”, reports Arweiler. “That is an important contribution by our company, but of course we are still looking for further areas to improve. That’s because it is our conviction – reinforced by an increasing number of enquiries from our business partners on the topic of sustainability – that drives us on to become even better.”

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