ESM 70

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Satellite modem single connection box, 3-way - TV/FM: 85-862 MHz - Modem: 5-862 MHz - Satellite 950-2150 MHz Connection loss: 2.5/6.5/1.0 dB;

ESM 70
Satellite modem single connection box, 3-way - TV/FM: 85-862 MHz - Modem: 5-862 MHz - Satellite... more
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ESM 70



    • Compliant with: EN 60728-11 and EN 50083-2
    • Very high decoupling between modem connection and TV/radio connection prevents interference with TV/radio reception by the modem
    • Ingress noise blocking function prevents ingress of unwanted interference signals from subscriber terminals
    • Built-in diode at satellite connection to protect incorrectly connected terminals
    • Satellite single connection box, 3-way, for stub and star distribution systems in satellite house distribution systems
    • Stable die-cast housing
    • With screw and claw fastening, suitable for flush mounted boxes with diameter 55-65 mm
    • Can be combined with almost all installation programs
    • Connections: TV and radio - IEC connector | Modem - F socket, green | Satellite - F socket, black
    • For use of interactive CATV/HFC services in satellite distribution systems (suitable for DOCSIS modems)
    • Ideal for use of Internet/telephony packages from cable network operators in satellite systems
    • Colour coded modem connection (green)
    • Satellite connection with DC voltage passage (max. 24 V/400 mA, 22 kHz- and DiSEqCTM signal)
    • Combined broadband TV and radio connection
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  • ¹) Decoupling between modem connection and TV and radio or satellite connection

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