Camping router CAR 150 WiFi Duo - best WiFi In and Around Your Motorhome While Travelling. Internet for the whole family.

High-quality router for Internet in the motorhome: fast, simple, good!

You are often on the road with your motorhome and want quick and easy Internet access at any  location in the world? Then why not fit your motorhome with a Kathrein WiFi/LTE router right now.


It has two SIM card slots, so you can access two different LTE networks at any time without having to change cards.. This doubles your chance of excellent signal strength at the campsite or on the road while driving. 

Of course, you can exchange the SIM cards whenever you want. You can use, for example, a local, prepaid mobile tariff for cheap internet access and strong signals at your holiday destination. Even if you are staying abroad for a longer time, you can always choose the best network. It’s all very easy. You don't have to climb onto the roof of your motorhome to change the SIM card but can change it quickly and conveniently on the device in the motorhome. 

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One housing. Five antennas. Perfect reception. 

The compact housing is mounted to the outside of the motorhome. It features two LTE, a GPS and two WiFi antennas, which ensures good network reception. This also enables the convenient use of WiFi networks at campsites as well as free hotspots at shops and restaurants. 


The router's intuitive user interface shows you at a glance which networks and signal strengths are available. And it makes switching between the various networks very easy.


Another important benefit: When using a new LTE or WiFi network, you do not have to re-register each mobile device. Once your mobile LTE router is registered, all your smartphones, laptops and tablets will automatically connect to the Internet through the router. It couldn’t be easier. 

The optimal camping router for all travel enthusiasts

For families, couples, mobile workers, young and old: The Kathrein WiFi and LTE router brings the Internet to the motorhome for any user. As parents, allow your  children some online time as a treat while travelling. This may increase your chance of a relaxing and attractive holiday time for the whole family. Use the net yourself to search online for the most beautiful sights on the way or to book a place on a campsite.


Fond of mobile working? The CAR 150 WiFi Duo is the ideal solution for combining travel and work. Use your remote working days to indulge your travel passion without taking time off. Go on a “workation” and spend your after-work hours in places you've always wanted to visit. Maybe you'll even start sharing your experiences with others as a travel blogger? The Kathrein camping router will help you make some of your dreams come true.


By the way: Not only end customers love our camping router. So do dealers. Why? Because it's so easy to get travel enthusiasts excited about the many benefits of the router.

Our camping routers are always up to date

Our Kathrein engineers regularly update the router’s software via the Internet. That way, we are constantly improving the router, even after it has been in use for a long time. The router has a very user-friendly interface. The language can be set to German or English. For the power supply, you can choose between 12 V (vehicle battery) and 230 V (mains).

Thanks to the energy-efficient technology, the Kathrein WiFi/LTE router is flexible in terms of power supply and can be used basically anywhere without problems. All functions of the router can be used easily and intuitively. And if you do have any questions about the router, simply contact our service hotline. Our experts will always strive to provide quick and efficient support.

Kathrein: convincing and proven hardware solutions – not only for travellers

The WiFi/LTE router for motorhomes was developed with the expertise of our experienced specialists. KATHREIN Digital Systems is the market leader for digital satellite, terrestrial, cable or IP reception and signal distribution in buildings and caravans. Our solutions and systems have been top class in their respective fields since 1919. We are and will remain innovative: not least with our internet solutions for motorhomes. See for yourself.