CAP 500M

Order number: 203500003

Fully automatic, portable Camping satellite system

Fully automatic, portable Camping satellite system more
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CAP 500M



    • Self aligning (Astra 19.2° East)
    • Light, portable and therefore mobile and flexible
    • TV reception within typ. 90 s
    • No additional control unit necessary
    • No power consumption in standby
    • No complex assembly necessary
    • Compact design and therefore low space requirement
    • Theft protection
  • Technical data

    Type: CAP 500M
    Order no.: 203500003
    Supply voltage LNB: 13 – 18 V
    Input frequency: 10,70 - 12,75 GHz
    Output frequency: 950 – 2150 MHz
    Oscillator frequency (L.O.): 9,75 GHz | 10,60 GHz
    Antenna gain at 11.7 GHz: 31,0 dBi
    EIRP min.: 51 dBW
    Satellitensuchzeit typ.: 90 s
    Max. power consumption: 5,4 W (während des Suchlaufs)
    Dimensions (Ø x H): 450 x 440 mm
    Weight: 4,5 kg



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