The Great | HDP 850 GPS

Order number: 204500003

The use of an 85 cm parabolic antenna in the HDP 850 GPS increases the reception reserve and the operating radius of the system. The aerodynamic structure of the system is only 17 cm high due to a revised mechanism.

The use of an 85 cm parabolic antenna in the HDP 850 GPS increases the reception reserve and the... more
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The Great | HDP 850 GPS



    • Fully automatc satellite reception in conjunction with one of our TV sets or the CAP converter V2
    • Live TV on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) in conjunction with the USB WiFi stick UFZ 132 (optionally available) and the free of charge app CAPcontrol (iOS and Android)
    • Turntable with integrated electronic controller, parbolic antenna with 85 cm diameter and cable set
    • Twin LNB for connecting a second receiver or TV set
    • GPS receiver for quick adjustment (< 1 min.) of the antenna
    • Automatic alignment onto other satellites on changing to a programme on another satellite
    • Parabolic reflector with LNB pre-mounted on turntable
    • Emergency stop in case of overload
    • Maximum permissible vehicle speed: 130 km/h
    • Aerodynamic construction only 17 cm in height (when lowered)
    • Easy to install as few cables are required (2 x coaxial and one power cable)
    • Automatically lowers (park position) when the engine is started


    Items supplied:

    • Turntable complete with control electronics
    • Sat antenna with 85 cm diameter
    • Mounting plate
    • Fixings with roof duct
    • complete cabling set with 2 x 8-m coax and 10-m power supply cable
    • installation manual
  • Technical data

    Type: HDP 850 GPS
    Order no.: 204500003
    Sat antenna diameter approx.: 85 cm
    LNB: 2 switchable outputs: V/H (14/18 V) - Low/High (0/22 kHz)
    Supply voltage LNB: Vertical: 11.5-14 – Horizontal: 16-19 V
    Input frequency: 10,70-12,75 GHz
    Output frequency: 950-1950/1100-2150 MHz
    Oscillator frequency (L.O.): 9,75/10,60 GHz
    Figure of merit (G/T) at 11.3/12.5 GHz: 13,4/13,7 dB/K
    Supply voltage (vehicle battery): 10,5-15,5 V
    Power consumption from the 12 V on-board power supply: Inrush current/satellite search/TV reception/stand-by: Typ. 10 max. 12 A/Typ. 3 A/Typ. 1,2 A/Typ. 0,024 A
    Current drain from the receiver: Typ. 160 mA
    Elevation/azimuth/skew setting range: 0-75/370/± 45 °
    Turntable and sat antenna weight: 9.7 kg
    Weight of the turntable with planar antenna: 14.5 kg
    Packaging unit/weight: 1/19.5 pc/kg
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