Order number: 20310056

Receiver-independent fully automatic camping sat antenna - Consists of: Turntable with 60cm parabolic reflector - Twin LNB and control unit cap converter V2

Receiver-independent fully automatic camping sat antenna - Consists of: Turntable with 60cm... more
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    • The complete package for fully automatic HDTV satellite reception, incl. control unit
    • Turntable with built-in control electronics, parabolic reflector with Twin LNB and cabling set
    • Suitable for any receiver / TV set with satellite tuner
    • Twin LNB for connection of a second receiver or TV set
    • The entire turntable can be controlled using a connected receiver or a TV set
    • Automatic alignment with other satellites for channel switching
    • Low number of cables (2 x coaxial and one power supply cable) make installation easier
    • Parabolic reflector with LNB pre-mounted on turntable
    • LNB manually adjustable to change polarisation
    • Automatic lowering (park position) when engine starts
    • Emergency shut off on overload
    • Small space required for alignment
    • Max. permissible vehicle speed: 130 km/h
    • Aerodynamic construction just 21 cm in height (when lowered)
    • Optimised weight < 10 kg
    • With GPS for precise location detection
    • Fast antenna alignment in < 1 min
  • Technical data

    Type: CAP 750 GPS
    Order no.: 20310056
    Sat antenna diameter approx.: 60 cm
    LNB: 2 switchable outputs: V/H (14/18 V) - Low/High (0/22 kHz)
    Supply voltage LNB: Vertical: 11.5-14 – Horizontal: 16-19 V
    Input frequency: 10,70-12,75 GHz
    Output frequency: 950-1950/1100-2150 MHz
    Oscillator frequency (L.O.): 9,75/10,60 GHz
    Figure of merit (G/T) at 11.3/12.5 GHz: 13,4/13,7 dB/K
    Supply voltage (vehicle battery): 10,5-15,5V V
    Power consumption from the 12 V on-board power supply: Inrush current/satellite search/TV reception/stand-by: Typ. 10 max. 12 A/Typ. 3 A/Typ. 1,2 A/Typ. 0,024 A
    Current drain from the receiver: Typ. 160 mA
    Elevation/azimuth/skew setting range: 0-75/370/± 45 °
    Turntable and sat antenna weight: 9.7 kg
    Packaging unit/weight: 1/19.5 pc/kg



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    Category: Firmware

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    Description: CAP-Konverter Version 5.22 Update mit länderspezifischer Liste DEUTSCHLAND

    DiSEqC 1.0 Satelliten-Konfiguration

    Position 1: Astra 19,2° East
    Position 2: Hot Bird 13,0° East
    Position 3: Astra 23,5° East
    Position 4: Astra 28,2° East

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    Description: PC Streaming mittels VLC MediaPlayer

    - Anleitung VLC MediaPlayer
    - Astra19.2 m3u Liste

    File: Update-Anleitung CAP-Konverter_07.19.pdf

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    File: CAP 750 GPS EU-Konformitätserklärung_2021.pdf

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    Description: EU Konformitätserklärung