CAP 500M plus

Order number: 203500004

Fully automatic and portable camping sat system for ASTRA 19.2° east. Inclusive CAP Konverter V2 and wifi usb stick UFZ 131 for live streaming (tv and radio) on mobile devices with free app CAPcontrol (available for iOS and Android).

With the all-in-one CAP 500M Plus package, camping TV is made easy, portable and, therefore, mobile and flexible to use. Watch your favorite TV shows on your TV or even on your smartphone/tablet via the free CAPcontrol app.

Fully automatic and portable camping sat system for ASTRA 19.2° east. Inclusive CAP Konverter V2... more
Product information "CAP 500M plus"
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CAP 500M plus



    • Self aligning (Astra 19.2° East)
    • Light, portable and therefore mobile and flexible
    • TV reception within typ. 90 s
    • No additional control unit necessary
    • No power consumption in standby
    • No complex assembly necessary
    • Compact design and therefore low space requirement
    • Theft protection
  • Technical data

    Type: CAP 500M
    Order no.: 203500003
    Supply voltage LNB: 13 – 18 V
    Input frequency: 10,70 - 12,75 GHz
    Output frequency: 950 – 2150 MHz
    Oscillator frequency (L.O.): 9,75 GHz | 10,60 GHz
    Antenna gain at 11.7 GHz: 31,0 dBi
    EIRP min.: 51 dBW
    Satellitensuchzeit typ.: 90 s
    Max. power consumption: 5,4 W (während des Suchlaufs)
    Dimensions (Ø x H): 450 x 440 mm
    Weight: 4,5 kg



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