UFW 800

Order number: 20610152

Software option for UFOcompact plus (UFX 800) and UFO 19” series  - SNMP monitoring software - Available from Kathrein Customer Service at support@kathrein-ds.com


UFW 800
Software option for UFOcompact plus (UFX 800) and UFO 19” series  - SNMP monitoring software -... more
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UFW 800



    • Provision of an SNMP interface for monitoring an installation, consisting of a base unit (master) and one or more extension units (slaves)
    • The SNMP agent runs exclusively on the base unit
    • Configuration of SNMP agent via SNMP. This includes configuration of the access control, the SNMPv3 users and notifications
    • Supports all UFOcompact plus® modules except UVO 830
    • Supports the UFO 19” series
  • Technical data

    Type: UFW 800
    Order no.: 20610152
    Standard MIBs: RFC 3418 (SNMPv2-MIB), RFC 3414 (SNMP-USER-BASED-SM-MIB kurz
    CAM alarm: Status change in CAM
    Decoding: CAM slot number, CAM status, CAM name, operating mode (encrypting or decoding)
    HW error: Fan, power supply unit, module failure
    Frontend status change: Includes
    Monitoring: Multiple connected base units monitorable (SNMP agent on a master base unit sufficient)
    Licence key: SNMP extension is licenced via UFX 800
    Frontends: Lock status, C/N reserve, input frequency/pin/band, IP address, port, protocol (UDP, RTP
    UFOcompact plus® MIB: Provided upon ordering
    Backends: Frequency, utilisation, IP address, port, protocol (UDP, RTP)
    Rack alarm: Extension unit failure
    Base unit cold start: Standard trap if UFX 800 starts
    Support: All UFOcompact plus® modules, Support for UFO 19” series|
    Notifications (traps/informs): Configurable via SNMP
    Base unit data supplied: Fan status, power supply unit status, HW/SW info and status of UFX 800, UFG 810 subrack number, module types, module status, module insert position
    Versions: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3
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