UFZ 896

Order number: 20610129

UFOcompact plus 6-way CI module - For 6 CA modules - For use in the UFOcompact plus headend system, e.g. in conjunction with UFO 878/874/834 transmodulators

UFZ 896
UFOcompact plus 6-way CI module - For 6 CA modules - For use in the UFOcompact plus headend... more
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UFZ 896



  • ■ Flexible baseband data exchange with neighbouring modules, e.g. UFO 878
    ■ Six CI slots for holding one CAM each
    ■ Flexible serial connection of up to three CAMs and assignment to input transport streams to increase the decoding capacity
    ■ Flexible parallel operation of up to three CAMs with automatic switching in case of a fault with one CAM to increase the reliability of the decoding (redundancy)
    ■ Monitoring of the decoding status and automatic reconfiguration in case of faults
    ■ Each CAM fitted can be reset and restarted individually (power on reset) or permanently enabled/disabled
    ■ CAM software update and CAM info

  • Technical data

    Type: UFZ 896
    Order no.: 20610129
    Control interface: 12 MBit/s
    6 CAM insert positions: PCMCIA interface (in accordance with EN 50221)
    EMC (EN 50083-2 A1): Max. 20 dBpW
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 265 x 36 x 220 mm
    Protective shut-down for excess temperature: > 70 °C
    Current drain per CAM: Max. 0,5 A
    CAM options and information: Displays status and names, Memo function, Mode for CAM software update, Power On/Off, Supports decoding, encryption and processing CAMs
    CAM status detection: CAM name, Slot empty, CAM inserted, CAM ready
    Power consumption with 6 CAMs, 1.25 W each: Typ < 10 W
    MPEG-TS routing: Free allocation of up to 6 CAMs, Parallel operation of up to 3 CAMs, Serial connection of up to 3 CAMs
    Power consumption without CAM: < 2,5 W
    Decoding functions: Decoding monitoring, Default configuration, Specific decoding configuration
    SI data processing: Advanced configuration functions, Extraction of information on service and elementary currents from SI, Removal of encryption information (tables, descriptors, etc.), Status monitoring and SI data analysis before and after each CAM
    System data: -----------------------------------------------------
    Function and option: -----------------------------------------------------
    System interfaces: -----------------------------------------------------
    Temperature range: -20 to +50 °C
    Supported CAM types: 5 V CAM (3.3 V CAMs are not supported)
    User interfaces: -----------------------------------------------------
    Data interface: 800 (net) Mbps
    Weight: 1,1 kg


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    File: UFZ 896 Bedienungsanleitung_07.19.pdf

    Category: Bedienungsanleitungen

    Download Link: UFZ 896 Bedienungsanleitung_07.19.pdf

    Description: ​Bedienungsanleitung DE / GB

    File: UFZ896-V09_07.2021.zip

    Category: Firmware

    Download Link: UFZ896-V09_07.2021.zip

    Description: Firmware Version UFZ 896 V09

    • Optimierung der erzeugten TS-Pakete der (P)SI-Tabellen. (behebt Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit aktuellen XCrypt-Modulen)
    • PCR Fehler bei Verwendung von SKY CAMs behoben