UFO 828

Order number: 20610142

UFOcompact plus 8-way EDGE-QAM DVB-IP - DVB-C - Input: 1GB Ethernet, 8x MPTS - Uni/Multicast - Max. input data rate/TS: 80Mbps - Output: 8x DVB-C;

UFO 828
UFOcompact plus 8-way EDGE-QAM DVB-IP - DVB-C - Input: 1GB Ethernet, 8x MPTS - Uni/Multicast -... more
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UFO 828



  • ■ Standalone headunit with built-in power supply unit
    ■ Converts eight QPSK/8PSK modulated DVB-S2 signals into eight freely assignable QAM modulated DVB-C output signals
    ■ TV and radio programmes pre-programmed
    ■ Outstanding specification due to direct implementation as FPGA solution
    ■ High level of energy efficiency, power consumption: Typical 28 W
    ■ All transmission parameters can be adjusted using the USW 800 management program
    ■ MPEG transport stream processor:
    ■ - For setting a constant output data rate (stuffing) with PCR correction
    ■ - With programme filter for masking individual TV and radio programmes
    ■ Fanless design for wall mounting (no running noise)
    ■ Mode indicator LED
    ■ Lightning protection circuit at output
    ■ Remote feeding for LNB and multi-switch
    ■ DiSEqCTM 1.0
    ■ CE
    ■ Class A

  • Technical data

    Type: UFO 828
    Order no.: 20610142
    Max. input data rate per transport stream: 80 Mbit/s
    Level stability: ± 0,8 dB
    TS inputs: 8 x MPTS/SPTS
    Frequency range: 47-1006 (fine tuning in 125 kHz steps) MHz
    Output: 1 x F-Connector, 75 Ω
    MER: ≥ 45 dB
    Shoulder attenuation: ≥ 60 (at normal level) dB
    Frequency range (channel list): 47-86/110-862 (set-up via channel list) MHz
    Protective shut-down: > 70 °C
    Output channels: 8 x DVB-C (J.83A)
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 265 x 36 x 220 mm
    Power consumption: Typ. 16 (an 12 V) W
    Frequency stability: 35 ppm
    Output level: 97 dBµV
    Protocols: UDP/RTP
    Stuffing: Automatic
    Code rate: -
    Transmission method: Unicast/Multicast
    PSI/SI processing: Cable NIT, LCN, PCR correction, CAT
    Symbol rate: 2,25-7,25 MS/s
    IP: 1 GB Ethernet, 1000BaseT
    IP services: IPv4, ARP, Ping, SAP, IGMP
    Spurious emissions: ≥ 60 dB
    QAM modulator: ----------------------------------------------------
    Temperature range: -20 to +50 °C
    Manually editable SID: For channel list structure
    Roll off: 15 %
    Input: -----------------------------------------------------
    Return loss: 14 (47 MHz) -1,5 dB/Okt. dB
    Guard interval: -
    Constellation: 16/32/64/128/256 QAM
    Output level setting range: -20 (in 0.5 dB steps) dB
    Weight: 1.1 kg


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    File: UFO 828 Bedienungsanleitung_DE_EN_03.2021.pdf

    Category: Bedienungsanleitungen

    Download Link: UFO 828 Bedienungsanleitung_DE_EN_03.2021.pdf

    Description: Bedienungsanleitung DE / GB

    File: UFO828_V04_07.2021.zip

    Category: Firmware

    Download Link: UFO828_V04_07.2021.zip

    Description: Firmware Version für UFO 828 V04

    • Behebt Probleme bei den IP-Frontends, wenn ein Datenüberlauf stattfindet
    • Unterstützung der IP-Streamers der UFO 19" Serie
    • Optimierung der erzeugten TS-Pakete der (P)SI-Tabellen

    • Fehler, die bei der Regionalumschaltung von Programmen auftreten können, behoben

    • Allgemeine Stabilitätsverbesserungen

    File: UFO828_V03_Software-Lizenzinformationen.pdf

    Category: Erklärungen

    Download Link: UFO828_V03_Software-Lizenzinformationen.pdf

    Description: Software Lizenzinformationen