CAS 180 H

Order number: 237500011

Professional sat antenna CAS 180 including already mounted flexible special heating mat ESO 180 H with integrated thermal insulation and PTFE-insulated heating elements

Professional sat antenna CAS 180 including already mounted flexible special heating mat ESO... more
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CAS 180 H



  • CAS 180:

    • Reflector in proven aluminium design, powder-coated, colour: White, matt
    • Feed system mounting consisting of aluminium hollow section (carrier arm) and aluminium plate (feed system installation)
    • Aluminium and stainless steel mast clamp
    • Optimum electrical specification thanks to offset feed with ultra-compact mechanical dimensions
    • Multi-feed systems can be created when used in conjunction with compact feed systems
    • As delivered, up to two compact feed systems can be attached to the carrier arm for reception of 3° to 6° (CAS 124) or 3° (CAS 180) offset satellites. For other combinations, a multi-feed adaptor plate is also required.
    • The following components aditional to the antenna are required: ZAS 181C feed system mounting (order no. 237500015) and ZAS 186 azimuth/elevation clamp (order no. 218676)
    • Azimuth fine tuning device for CAS 180/CAS 124: ZAS 189 (order no. 23710017)
    • Stub masts for CAS 180: ZSO 180 (order no. 23710014), ZSO 181 (order no. 23710015)

    ESO 180 H:

    • Good heat distribution due to an optimal fi t of the heating mat on the reflector
    • Element carrier of aluminium foil, self-adhesive foil strips at the front
    • Thermal insulation made of bubble wrap with refl ective layer, 4 mm
    • Built-in sensor to additionally defi ne the heating temperature via a control
    • Operation without control possible
    • Operation with the following controls possible: ESO 97 S, ESO 97 SL
  • Technical data

    Type: CAS 180 H
    Order no.: 237500011
    Consisting of: CAS 180 + ESO 180 H



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