CAS 180

Order number: 216235

Professional sat antenna 180 cm, heatable/aluminium design, powder coated, additional ZAS 181 and ZAS 186 are required

CAS 180
Professional sat antenna 180 cm, heatable/aluminium design, powder coated, additional ZAS 181... more
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CAS 180



    • Reflector in proven aluminium design, powder-coated, colour: White, matt
    • Feed system mounting consisting of aluminium hollow section (carrier arm) and aluminium plate (feed system installation)
    • Aluminium and stainless steel mast clamp
    • Optimum electrical specification thanks to offset feed with ultra-compact mechanical dimensions
    • Multi-feed systems can be created when used in conjunction with compact feed systems
    • As delivered, up to two compact feed systems can be attached to the carrier arm for reception of 3° to 6° (CAS 124) or 3° (CAS 180) offset satellites. For other combinations, a multi-feed adaptor plate is also required.
    • The following components aditional to the antenna are required: ZAS 181C feed system mounting (order no. 237500015) and ZAS 186 azimuth/elevation clamp (order no. 218676)
    • Azimuth fine tuning device for CAS 180/CAS 124: ZAS 189 (order no. 23710017)
    • Stub masts for CAS 180: ZSO 180 (order no. 23710014), ZSO 181 (order no. 23710015)
  • Technical data

    Type: CAS 180
    Order no.: 216235
    Diameter: 1.8 m
    Reception range: 10,70-12,75 GHz
    Antenna gain at 10.70-11.70 GHz: 44.5 dBi
    Antenna gain at 11.70-12.50 GHz: 45.15 dBi
    Antenna gain at 12.50-12.75 GHz: 45.5 dBi
    Half power beam width: 0.9 °
    Cross-polarisation decoupling: > 30 dB
    Wind load ¹): 3396 N
    Clamping range of the mast clamp ZAS 180/ZAS 186: 75-114 mm
    Setting range, elevation: 5-50 °
    Setting range, azimuth: 360 °
    Figure of merit (G/T): See feed system
    Max. dimensions, height: 1511 mm
    Max. dimensions, protrusion (from centre of mast without feed system): 1900 mm
    Dimensions width: 1980 mm
    Packaging size (L x W x H): 2230 x 2120 x 390 mm
    Weight approx. net/gross: 60,0/81,5 kg
  • ¹) At a dynamic pressure of 800 N/m² in accordance with EN 60728-11


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