EXI 01

Order number: 20510061

HF/IP modem - 2-2150 and 87.5-2150 MHz - F connectors - RJ 45 connection - External plug-in power supply unit - Screening class A

HF/IP modem - 2-2150 and 87.5-2150 MHz - F connectors - RJ 45 connection - External plug-in... more
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EXI 01



    • Modem for Kathrein IP over Coax system “K-LAN (based on IEEE 1901 standard)”
    • Create a home network using the existing satellite installation terrestrial coaxial distribution. This reduces installation costs and work as no new network cables need to be installed
    • Ideal for network connections for receivers, TV sets and Blu-ray players. A PC and other devices that can be networked can also be conveniently connected to a router (e.g. FRITZ!Box)
    • > 500 Mbit data throughput (gross) allows multiple HD streams with simultaneous data transmission between PCs. Thanks to QoS *) corresponding services are prioritised
    • Built-in, highly selective diplexer - No interference with FM, TV and satellite signals. No additional distributor required
    • Interference free due to high screening factor
    • One input (IP & FM/TV/sat); one output (1 x FM/TV/sat); 1 x Ethernet RJ 45. DC is looped through
    • 128 bit AES encryption: Secure, private network connection at the push of a button - no software required
    • In conjunction with the optimised EXI 3508 distribution system, distances of up to 700 m are possible for the IP frequency range
    • When connected to the EXI 30 outlet, the modem can be remotely fed by the connected satellite receiver. In all other cases the power is supplied by the plug-in power supply unit. The EXI 30 is an outlet that has been specially developed for “K-LAN” **)
    • Eco power mode: The modem automatically switches to stand-by until it is “woken up” again by the network. Consumption: 1.0 Watt in stand-by/max. 4.2 Watt in operation
    • For indoor installation


    • EXI 90 high-pass filter (order no. 20510062): If the EXI 01 is operated via a multi-switch that is not from the EXI range the high-pass filter must be screwed on to the terrestrial input on the multi-switch. This isolates downstream multi-switches and prevents reception and emission in the IP frequency range by and from the terrestrial antenna
    • EXI 700 software: Shows the visible modems in a network (free download from: www.kathrein-ds.com)
    • EXI 30 sat socket (order no. 21110024): Outlet remotely feedable from the satellite connection, with optimum selection for data and HF signals
  • Technical data

    Type: EXI 01
    Order no.: 20510061
    Frequency range IP (IEEE 1901): 2-68 MHz ¹)
    Through loss: 1 dB
    Nominal input voltage: 230 V
    Nominal input power (300/0 mA load): 4,5/0,25 W
    Max. current drain of the modem: 350 mA
    Standards supported: IEEE 1901
    Frequency range: 2-2150 / 87,5-2150 MHz
    In compliance with: 2009/125/EC in accordance with regulations 278/2009/EC, 2006/95/EC together with the standards current at the time of delivery
    Max. output current: 600 mA
    Permissible remote power feed at the output: 12-20 V
    Screening factor: 5-300 MHz > 85; 300-470 MHz > 80; 470-1000 MHz > 75; 1000-2150 MHz > 55 dB
    Permissible current drain of the multi-switch from the receiver when remotely fed: 50 mA ²)
    Voltage secondary: 12 V
    Power consumption at max. data rate: Approx. 4.2 W
    Gross data rate: 500 Mbit/s
    Power consumption in stand-by: Approx. 1.0 W
    Input - output: 1 x DC & IP & FM & TV & Sat - 1 x DC & FM & TV &
    Connections: F-connectors / RJ 45/5.5 x 2 mm latching plug
    Ambient temperature range: 0 to +40 °C
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 104 x 101 x 29,5 mm
    Packaging unit/weight: 1 (10)/Approx. 0.35 pc/kg
  • *) Quality of Service
    **) Alternatively, the ESD 84 and ESD 32 outlets can be used
    ¹) Of which currently used: 8-68 MHz
    ²) When the plug-in power supply unit is used, 250 mA is available from the receiver for connected subscribers.

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