EXD 158 Twin

Order number: 20510142

Unicable multi-switch, inputs 1 x 5-862 MHz and 4 x 950-2150 MHz, 2 outputs with 8 userbands each, cascadable, extended unicable standard, PIN code, KPS, AGC

Unicable multi-switch, inputs 1 x 5-862 MHz and 4 x 950-2150 MHz, 2 outputs with 8 userbands... more
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EXD 158 Twin



    • Cascadable twin multi-switch
    • Userband frequencies compatible with earlier Kathrein models
    • Unicable command set EN 50494 and the new, extended command set EN 50607 (SCD 2) are supported
    • The built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) ensures that the sat IF signals have a constant output level and more reserve in the distribution
    • Multi-tuner devices can be supplied with multiple userbands on a drop cable
    • PIN code: Protects the subscriber frequency from being accessed by another subscriber. This allows a multi-home installation
    • Up to eight multi-switches can be cascaded
    • With the power-saving concept, the multi-switch does not use any power from the NCF 18 if there are no receivers switched on
    • LED as installation aid and for troubleshooting
    • QR code for instructions for use
    • For indoor installation
    • Configurable unicable multi-switch for up to 2 x 8 userbands and external power supply unit for the LNB supply
    • “Kathrein Power Saving” selection and switch-off using rotary switch
    • NCF 18:

    Highly efficient, short-circuit-proof switched-mode power supply unit in accordance with the ERP guideline

  • Technical data

    Type: EXD 158 Twin
    Order no.: 20510142
    Subscriber connections: 2 x 8
    Inputs: 1 x terrestrial/4 x Sat IF
    Through loss: -/- dB
    Connection loss (terrestrial): 11/- dB
    Horiz./vert. decoupling: -/30 dB
    Trunk decoupling: -/- dB
    Permissible input voltage range: 207-253 V
    Nominal input voltage: 230 (47-63 Hz) V
    Nominal input power at 0/150/500 mA load ¹: 5,4/8,7/15,5 W
    Max. permissible remote feed current (“horiz. low” input): 500 mA
    Protection class/protection type: II (double insulated)/IP 30
    Max. current drain at the subscriber connection: 20 mA
    Sat input level: 60-90 dBµV
    Frequency range: 5-862/950-2150 MHz
    Max. permissible remote feed current per trunk: - mA
    Permissible supply voltage at the subscriber output: 12-14 V
    Sat (AGC) output level: 94 dBµV
    Secondary voltage (“horiz. low” input): 18 V
    Subscriber frequency/userband address Receiver 1 Receiver 2 Receiver 3 Receiver 4 Receiver 5 Receiver 6 Receiver 7 Receiver 8: 1284/1 1400/2 1516/3 1632/4 1748/5 1864/6 1980/7 2096/8 MHz
    Connections: F connectors
    Ambient temperature range: -20 to +55 °C
    Dimensions: 102,8 x 148 x 44 mm
    Packaging unit/weight: 1 (10)/0.51 pc/kg
  • ¹) All subscriber frequencies/userbands in operation

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