CAS 90ws/HD without logo

Order number: 21610031

Sat antenna 90 cm - White, without logo - Powder coated aluminium reflector - Mast clamp: 48-90 mm, galvanised and coated steel - Tilting multi-feed mounting device

CAS 90ws/HD without logo
Sat antenna 90 cm - White, without logo - Powder coated aluminium reflector - Mast clamp: 48-90... more
Product information "CAS 90ws/HD without logo"
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CAS 90ws/HD without logo



    • 10 year corrosion durability guarantee in accordance with KATHREIN guarantee terms
    • Consists of reflector, feed system mounting and mast clamp
    • Reflector in proven powder coated aluminium design
    • Powder coated galvanised steel sheet feed system mounting
    • Hot dip galvanised steel sheet mast clamp
    • Optimum electrical specification with ultra-compact mechanical dimensions thanks to offset feed and tilting multi-feed adaptor plate for positioning the feed systems at the typical side focuses for multi-feed reception
    • Colour: White, without logo
    • Exchangeable multi-feed adaptor plate included
    • Two universal feed systems can be mounted on the carrier arm without additional components for reception of 3° to 4° (ASTRA 19.2°/23.5°) or 6° (e.g. ASTRA/EUTELSAT-HOTBIRD) offset satellites
    • Convenient installation: Completely pre-installed, reflector with keyhole mounting, large wing nuts with attachment surface for size 17 open-ended spanner, elevation scale on both sides
    • All connecting fittings (screws, rivets, washers, M10 threaded clips) made of corrosion resistant stainless steel or die-cast zinc
    • Weatherproof plastic snap-in cable holder for up to eight coaxial cables
    • Patented multi-feed adaptor plate tilt facility in stable, corrosion resistant die cast aluminium
    • For other combinations, the ZAS 90 multi-feed adaptor plate is also required
  • Technical data

    Type: CAS 90ws/HD without logo
    Order no.: 21610031
    Diameter: 90 cm
    Colour: White (similar to RAL 9002)
    Reception range: 10,70-12,75 GHz
    Antenna gain at 10.70-11.70 GHz/11.70-12.50 GHz/12.50-12.75 GHz: 38,6/39,2/39,6 dBi
    Figure of merit ²) for central feed system; UAS 177/572/584/585: 18,8/19,8 dB/K
    Figure of merit ²) for feed system spacing 3 -4°; UAS 177/572/584/585: 18,3/18,3 dB/K
    Figure of merit ²) for feed system spacing 6°; UAS 177/572/584/585: 17,9/18,7 dB/K
    Cross-polarisation decoupling: Typ. > 27 dB
    Wind load ³): 730 N
    Max. permissible wind speed: 190 km/h
    Adjustment range Elevation/Azimuth: Mast-side mounting
    Multi-feed adaptor plate adjustment range: +/- 20 °
    Half-power beam width ¹): Typ. < 1,9 °
    Mast clamp range: 48-90 mm
    Weight approx. net/gross: 9,9/13,5 kg
    Dimensions max. height: 1030 mm
    Dimensions protrusion max. (from mast centre without feed system): 880 mm
    Dimensions width: 987 mm
    Packing unit: 1050 x 1050 x 230 mm
  • ¹) At mid-band
    ²) G/T at 11.3/12.5 GHz
    ³) At a dynamic pressure of 800 N/m² in accordance with EN 60728-11


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