Security technology

Break-in protection Better safe than sorry


An “alarm system” usually refers to a burglar alarm system. It is installed to alert residents, neighbours or even the public at an early stage to an attempted burglary in order to enable rapid intervention.

A burglar alarm system usually consists of an alarm centre, various security devices and a control unit for activating or deactivating the system.

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Our digital burglar alarm centre

Kathrein's digital wireless alarm centre is certified according to DIN standard EN 50131-1 Level 2, and therefore eligible for KfW funding (Reconstruction Loan Corporation). It controls and manages your Kathrein security devices, can be conveniently controlled via browser or app and has an integrated mobile radio module (3G/GPRS).

Our highly responsive security technology

The combination of mechanical, acoustic and optical components provides you with optimum anti-burglary protection. Our motion detectors provide the basic framework for protection against burglary. They detect movement based on thermal radiation and trigger an alarm in the control panel. They are supplemented by glass breakage and magnetic door and window sensors. In combination with our wide-angle surveillance camera with infrared night vision you get an all-round carefree package to keep your home secure.

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