FAZ 100

Order number: 2220000002

Wireless alarm control unit

FAZ 100
Wireless alarm control unit more
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FAZ 100



    • Incorporation of up to 480 sensors in two different zones (e.g. residential units) possible
    • Built-in wireless module (3G/GPRS)
    • Data protected by SSL v3 256bit encryption
    • Access to control unit via browser or app (iOS/Android)
    • Integration of numerous devices such as heater thermostats, smoke detectors, shutter control etc. possible
    • Modern and intuitive user interface
    • EN 50131-1 grade 2 certified and thus eligible for development loan support (subsidy of up to EUR 1,600)
    • Almost all IP cameras on the market can be integrated into the user interface
    • Free software updates
    • Functions: Arm/disarm function, 2 areas, home mode 1+2+3, silent alarm, fire, medical alarm, gas, check panel status, alarm signalling control centre / software supporting connection of the FAZ 100: Alec Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, Sicherheit-Nord GmbH & Co KG, INSOCAM's AM/Win, Bavaria Werkschutz GmbH, Stadtritter GmbH, SecuConcept, Emil Weber GmbH & Co. KG
    • Web server (not app) languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian
    • Remote access via PC (web browser), MacOS (web browser), iPhone (mobile view), Android (Kathrein app)
  • Technical data

    Type: FAZ 100
    Order no.: 2220000002
    Radio frequency: 868,6625 MHz (Dual Way) und 2.4 GHz (Dual Way)
    Radio power: max. 25 mW (RF); max 100 mW (ZigBee)
    Modulation: FM
    Sound pressure (internal siren): 99 dB
    Transmission range (depending on local conditions): Approx. 30 to 100 m
    Remote access via: PC (web browser), MacOS (web browser), iPhone (mobile view), Android (FAZcontrol app)
    Attachment options: Screw together
    Installation site: Wall, table-top
    Power supply: 12 V; 1600 mAh Ni-mh rechargeable emergency power battery
    Emergency power supply duration: Max. 16 hours
    External connections: 2 x input (3~5V DC, 10-20KΩ impedance) 1 x output (potential free contact, 3A @ 24V DC + 1A @ 30V DC)
    Internal memory: Max. 32 GB Micro-SD (SD-Karte nicht im Lieferumfang)
    Encryption: SSL / TLS 1.2 SHA-256 bit with RSA encryption
    Complies with directives: CE, FCC, RoHs, EN 50131-1 Grad 2
    ZigBee protocol: ZBS v2.
    Max. humidity: 90% (nicht kondensierend)
    Ambient temperature: -10 to +45 °C
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 180 x 45 mm
    Weight: 0,81 kg
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    ​Kathrein IP Finder für Funk Alarm Zentrale und WLAN IP Kamera

    Für Windows Betriebssysteme

    File: FAZ 100 Bedienungsanleitung_07.19.pdf

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    ​Bedienungsanleitung DE

    File: FAZ100_Version_0.1.3.4A.zip

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