UFO 395

Order number: 20610101

UFOcompact Quad DVB transcoder QPSK-PAL- Input: 2 x 950-2150 MHz - Output: 4 x 47-100/110-862 MHz - 2 tuners - Output channels 2 x 2 forced adjacent channels

UFO 395
UFOcompact Quad DVB transcoder QPSK-PAL- Input: 2 x 950-2150 MHz - Output: 4 x 47-100/110-862... more
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UFO 395



  • ■ DVB-S channel unit for installation in UFO®compact UFG 3xx base/extension units or UFG 4xx base units
    ■ Converts four TV or radio programmes from any two transponders into four analogue PAL TV programmes (2 separate frontends, four output channels, 2 x 2 forced adjacent channels)
    ■ TV standards: B/G, D/K or I
    ■ Two inputs A/B, adjustable using the central controller (e.g. for H/V switching)
    ■ All important transmission parameters can be adjusted using the central controller
    ■ Direct selection of TV or radio programmes from the transponder received using text on the controller display
    ■ Automatic format recognition (4:3 or 16:9). With 16:9 reception optionally letterbox or pan & scan conversion
    ■ Wide-screen signalling (WSS) for correct reproduction of 16:9 programmes on 16:9 TV sets (controller with software version V 9.10 required)
    ■ The two pairs of output channels are forced adjacent channels
    ■ The levels of the two pairs of adjacent channels can be set and switched off using the controller
    ■ Digital satellite reception over a wide symbol rate range of 2-45 MS/s (SCPC and MCPC)
    ■ Adjacent channel compatible
    ■ Video text and VPS generation
    ■ Audio modes: Mono, Stereo, Dual/2-tone, Dual-A, Dual-B (if two different audio signals are transmitted under one audio PID)
    ■ Black screen video signal for transmission of a radio programme using a TV channel, e.g. in hotel installations (possible ion all four channels, satellite signal required for black-screen signal generation)
    ■ Software update possible via controller interface
    ■ Required central controller software version: V 9.50 or higher, USW 30 software: V 3.6 or higher
    ■ Permissible ambient temperature for use in: - Base unit with fan (UFG 412): -20 +50 °C - Base / extension unit without fan (UFG 3xx): -20 to +40 °C
    ■ Extendable with UFZ 394 Common Interface retro-fit kit for holding two CA modules
    ■ Dynamic SI data processing
    ■ DiSEqCTM for operation of external DiSEqCTM multi-switches (only DiSEqCTM matrices with eight sat IF inputs (two satellites) can be used)
    ■ Various channel combinations are possible (4/0, 3/1, 2/2, 1/3, 0/4)
    ■ Video text switch-off

  • Technical data

    Type: UFO 395
    Order no.: 20610101
    Input data rate: 2-45 MS/s
    Image/audio carrier level spacing T1/T2: 13/20 dB
    Frequency range (MHz): 2 x input 950-2150 ¹) / 4 x output 47-100/110-862 ²)
    Current drain without/with UFZ 394: 5/900/1300 12,5/750/800 31/9/9 V/mA/mA
    Input level: 50-85 dBµV
    Signal-to-noise ratio ³) S/N weighted: 60 dB
    Packaging unit/weight: 1/0.7 pc/kg
    Max. output level/setting range: 95/85-95 dBµV
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 265 x 27 x 170 mm
  • ¹) Adjustable in 1 MHz increments and fine tuning by AFC
    ²) Adjustable in 7/8 MHz channel grid, fine tuning in 50 kHz grid
    ³) Intrinsic value of channel unit

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    KUBdate Tool zum Upadate von UFOcompact Kassetten z.B UFO 395

    Hinweis: Zur Verbindung zwischen PC und UFOcompact Kassette empfehlen wir Ihnen unser USB-Adapterkabel UFZ 30 zu verwenden