EXE 159

Order number: 20510063

Unicable multi-switch, 5 to 1x9, inputs 1x 5-862 MHz and 4x 950-2150 MHz, one output for 9 receivers, F connection, cascadable, extended unicable standard, KPS, AGC

EXE 159
Unicable multi-switch, 5 to 1x9, inputs 1x 5-862 MHz and 4x 950-2150 MHz, one output for 9... more
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EXE 159



  • ■ Cascadable unicable multi-switch for distribution of sat IF signals (four satellite frequency planes, including HDTV) and terrestrial signals via one cable to up to nine receivers
    ■ No restriction on range of channels - the entire range of channels from a satellite is transmitted
    ■ The multi-switch supplies the selected transponder on a fixed frequency (userband), actuated by the receiver with a DiSEqC(TM) command set in accordance with EN 50494
    ■ The multi-switches support the extended unicable command set SCD2 in accordance with EN 50607
    ■ Reception of the terrestrial range is still possible when the satellite receiver is switched off
    ■ Each receiver is allocated a fixed subscriber frequency (userband) (a twin receiver requires two subscriber frequencies)
    ■ PIN code: Protects the subscriber frequency from being accessed by another subscriber. This allows a multi-home installation
    ■ The built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) ensures that the sat IF signals have a constant output level
    ■ EXE 259 unicable multi-switches and other loop-through multi-switches, such as the EXE 2541, EXR 2554, EXR 2558 and EXR 2542, can be combined as required
    ■ Up to eight multi-switches can be cascaded
    ■ For indoor installation
    ■ Unicable multi-switch for up to nine receivers, with built-in power supply unit for the LNB supply
    ■ Low power consumption due to highly efficient, short-circuit-proof switched-mode power supply unit in accordance with the ERP guideline and power-saving concept (the unicable multi-switch is deactivated when the receiver is switched off)
    ■ Kathrein Power-Saving: The LNB supply is switched off as soon as there are no longer any receivers active on the EXE 159 or in the cascade. This function can be disabled, for example if loop-through multi-switches without Kathrein Power-Saving are used in the cascade
    ■ LNB remote feeding via the “horizontal low” input. Kathrein Power-Saving is signalled using the “vertical low” trunk. All other inputs are voltage-free
    ■ The EN 50607 extended command set allows all userbands to be addressed; the EN 50494 standard only userbands 1-8

  • Technical data

    Type: EXE 159
    Order no.: 20510063
    Subscriber connections: 1 x 9
    Inputs: 1 x terrestrial/4 x Sat IF
    Through loss: -/- dB
    Connection loss (terrestrial): 9/- dB
    Horiz./vert. decoupling: -/30 dB
    Trunk decoupling: -/- dB
    Permissible input voltage range: 207-253 V
    Nominal input voltage: 230 (47-63 Hz) V
    Nominal input power at 0/150/550 mA load: 5,1/8,1/16,3 W
    Max. permissible remote feed current (“horiz. low” input): 550 mA
    Protection class/protection type: II (double insulated)/IP 30
    Max. current drain at the subscriber connection: 10 mA
    Sat input level: 55-80 dBµV
    Frequency range: 5-862/950-2150 MHz
    Max. permissible remote feed current per trunk: - mA
    Permissible supply voltage at the subscriber outlet: 12-14 V
    Sat (AGC) output level: 88 dBµV
    Secondary voltage (“horiz. low” input): 18 V
    Subscriber frequency/userband Receiver 1 Receiver 2 Receiver 3 Receiver 4 Receiver 5 Receiver 6 Receiver 7 Receiver 8 Receiver 9: 974/1 1076/2 1178/3 1280/4 1382/5 1484/6 1586/7 1688/8 1790/9 MHz
    Connections: F connectors
    Ambient temperature range: -20 to +55 °C
    Dimensions: 215 x 148 x 43 mm
    Packaging unit/weight: 1 (10)/0.65 pc/kg
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