EXR 2981

Order number: 20510043

Unicable multi-switch 9 to 1x8 loop-through - 5-862 and 8 x 950-2150 MHz - 9 loop-through / 1 output for 8 receivers - F connectors - Cascadable

EXR 2981
Unicable multi-switch 9 to 1x8 loop-through - 5-862 and 8 x 950-2150 MHz - 9 loop-through / 1... more
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EXR 2981



  • ■ Cascadable unicable multi-switch for distribution of digital sat IF signals (eight satellite frequency planes; including HDTV) and terrestrial signals via one cable to up to eight receivers in a single family household
    ■ No restriction on range of channels - the entire range of channels from a satellite is transmitted
    ■ Independent horizontal/vertical, low/high band, sat position A / position B selection and transponder selection from each receiver
    ■ Horizontal/vertical/ low/high band, sat position A/position B switching and transponder selection are carried out by the multi-switch, controlled by the receiver using a special SCR unicable command set in accordance with EN 50494
    ■ For transponder selection, the multi-switch has built-in special tuner modules, known as SCRs (satellite channel routers), for conversion to the subscriber frequencies
    ■ Each receiver is allocated a fixed subscriber frequency (a twin receiver requires two subscriber frequencies)
    ■ Compliant with the SCR unicable standard EN 50494, i.e. all unicable system components that comply with this standard can be installed in a satellite installation
    ■ Reception of the terrestrial range is possible even with the satellite receiver switched off
    ■ Unicable EXR 1981 multi-switches and loop-through multi-switches, such as the EXR 2942 and EXR 2998, can be mixed in any combination. Up to eight multi-switches can be cascaded
    ■ In the satellite range an adjustable amplifier allows optimum signal distribution to the subscriber connection
    ■ For indoor installation
    ■ Unicable multi-switch loop-through for system extension with a unicable connection for eight receivers

  • Technical data

    Type: EXR 2981
    Order no.: 20510043
    Subscriber connections: 1 x 8
    Inputs: 1 x terrestrial/8 x Sat IF
    Through loss: 2,5/2,0 dB
    Connection loss (terrestrial): 7/- dB
    Horiz./vert. decoupling: -/25 dB
    Trunk decoupling: -/- dB
    Permissible input voltage range: - V
    Nominal input voltage: - V
    Nominal input power at 0/150/800 mA load: - W
    Max. permissible remote feed current (“horiz. low” input): - mA
    Protection class/protection type: -/IP 30
    Max. current drain at the subscriber connection: 290 mA
    Frequency range: 5-862/950-2150 MHz
    Max. permissible remote feed current per trunk: 1000 mA
    Subscriber frequency / SCR address: Receiver 1 Receiver 2 Receiver 3 Receiver 4 Receiver 5 Receiver 6 Receiver 7 Receiver 8
    Permissible supply voltage at the subscriber outlet: 12-14 V
    Operating level: -/98 ²) dBµV
    Adjustable attenuator setting range (Sat, 1 dB steps): -/0-15 dB
    Secondary voltage (“horiz. low” input): - V
    Gain to the subscriber connection (Sat): -/9 -> 12 ¹) dB
    Connections: F connectors
    Ambient temperature range: -20 to +55 °C
    Dimensions: 172 x 228 x 44 mm
    Packaging unit/weight: 1 (10)/0.70 pc/kg
  • ¹) Frequency-dependent attenuation/amplification (pre-emphasis)
    ²) The 15 dB attenuation setting reduces the operating level to 83 dBµV

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