Repair Centre for Headend, Signal Processing and Signal Distribution Devices


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Your repair centre for headend technology (UFO products), distribution technology (e.g. multi-switches, distributors, taps, antenna sockets) and amplifiers (e.g. VOS, VWS, VCA/VCB series).

The respective repair centre is responsible for repair of your device within the scope of the warranty.  During the warranty period, you can also send the unit to our service centre free of charge via the specialised dealer from whom you purchased your unit.

Should there be no warranty claim when you send a unit for repair, you will receive a cost estimate from our service centre. If the unit is processed without a warranty claim, an inspection and/or processing fee plus return postage will be charged. If you do not want the unit to be repaired, we can dispose of the unit for you free of charge. In this case there will be no inspection or processing fee charged.


How to Commission the Repair Service

  • Before sending in the unit, make sure that the unit in question has not been incorrectly operated or installed. If you are not sure, contact our Technical Customer Support.
  • Please use the return note for sending in the unit for repair.
  • Make sure to pack the unit appropriately. The manufacturer accepts no liability for possible damage during transportation.
  • Send the unit together with the completed return note and proof of purchase to the address of our service centre listed below. Ensure your package bears sufficient postage.


Return Not

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Repair Centre:

Lindenstraße 3
09241 Mühlau

Phone: +49 3722 607 340
Fax:      +49 3722 607 318