Planning Tool for SAT-IF Distribution Systems

Our planning tool for SAT-IF distribution systems allows the configuration of house distribution systems for individual and complex shared systems for up to four satellite positions.

The ELBRIDGE interface, available for the first time for the satellite sector, offers the following special feature: all articles required for the configured system are automatically transferred to the shopping basket of one of the currently 60 connected wholesalers.

Highlights at a Glance

  • All articles are automatically transferred to the shopping cart of an electrical wholesale shop via the ELBRIDGE interface
  • Convenient design of both basic and advanced satellite reception systems
  • Complete overview of all level values for the entire system
  • Planning of individual cable lengths and placement of amplifiers
  • Calculation of the corresponding cable types and packing units
  • Saving, loading and subsequent processing of a configuration
  • Creation of a level plan (PDF) for the entire system
  • Creation of a material list (PDF) for all necessary components


Planning Tool for SAT-IF distribution systems