Kathrein kooperiert mit Panasonic im Bereich Hotel-TV

Kathrein, a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technology, will be working together with the electronics group Panasonic in the area of ​​hotel TV. The companies offer versatile solutions for receiving TV broadcasts via network technology to small hotels and large hotel chains as well as to hospitals and other public institutions.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology provides a cost-effective and convenient distribution system that provides the rooms with a wide range of TV channels. The high-quality SAT reception systems and IPTV headends from Kathrein provide the signal source and distribution for Panasonic televisions in building structures. As a result, satellite signals are transmitted via network structures (IPTV) in the best HD quality to the various receivers. Particularly convenient are the extensive reception options: The signal can be obtained via LAN, Powerline or particularly comfortable and wireless via WLAN.

The innovative Kathrein systems, especially for hotel TV, close the gap between classic signal distribution and modern fiber optic technology. Together, Kathrein and Panasonic generate extremely high-quality image and sound quality, regardless of the size of the hotel. Further advantages are the low cost and installation effort as well as a central program list management for the TV sets.

"We are happy to have found such a strong partner in Panasonic. As a leading TV manufacturer, Panasonic offers the perfect basis for the optimal use of our first-class IPTV head-end system, "says Andreas Wimmer, Sales Manager DA-CH at Kathrein.

"As the world's leading manufacturer of satellite receivers, Kathrein is a very important partner in hotel TV for Panasonic. The high quality demand on our products and the development of future-oriented solutions connects us ", says Dirk Schulze, Head of Product Marketing TV / Home-AV at Panasonic Germany.



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