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House connection amplifier

The house connection amplifiers used in network level 4 are usually very versatile units that have to meet a wide range of requirements and tasks. With the multimedia-compliant extension of CATV networks, the demands on house distribution networks in network level 4 (NL 4) have also continuously increased. In addition to analogue and digital TV/radio signals, other services, such as Internet, telephony and video-on-demand, are also to be transmitted. The dimensioning of the amplifiers is usually based on the maximum number of residential units present or to be supplied in the building. But also the components used in the system and the resulting different attenuations must be taken into account. Kathrein amplifiers are almost exclusively made in Germany.

House connection amplifier

House connection amplifier Products

House connection amplifier 47/85-1006 MHz | locally fed
House connection amplifier 47/85-1006 MHz | remotely powered via RF input (self-supply)

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