Digital and convenient charging

Kathrein easyMobility applications

All functions in one hand: The intelligent support for the use, operation and installation of your wallbox. Discover the convenient functions of the KATHREIN easyMobility apps.

Our wallbox platform for the commercial sector offers smart functions and standardized interfaces that make charging electric vehicles even more convenient. The continuous scaling of charging solutions against the backdrop of the energy transition and new mobility implement topics such as load management, connections to higher-level energy management systems and appropriate networking. With KATHREIN wallboxes for commercial use, PV overcharging, connection to billing systems via OCPP and APP and web applications are naturally integrated and can be easily controlled via the platform. Use our intelligent wallbox platform with its extensive functionalities for transparent and easy charging management.

Simply install smoothly

Kathrein easyInstall App

Implement the installation process effortlessly with the KATHREIN easyInstall app. The smart control of the intelligent KATHREIN wallbox via easyInstall app for easy installation of KATHREIN wallboxes(KWB-AC20, KWB-AC40, KWB-AC60, KWB-AC40E/AC60E). The easyInstall app provides a user interface that allows trained professionals to safely set up, organize and monitor the wallbox. The management of access authorizations via RFID tags for the end customer is also integrated here. The KATHREIN easyInstall app supports you with easy handling and a safe step-by-step procedure – for commissioning the wallbox at the highest level of quality and safety: Each installation step is explained, controlled and documented. The installation protocol can be sent electronically for information and documentation purposes. Side by side for a sustainable future.

  • KWB-specific installation guide
  • App-supported guidance of the installation process
  • Activation of the installation specialist via QR code
  • Connection of the mains supply line
  • Setting mode: maximum charging current, free charging
  • Setup: number, occupancy and arrangement of phases
  • Enable Internet connection (LAN & WLAN)
  • Connection and configuration of the data network
  • Configuration, creation and management of RFID access cards
  • Add RFID cards easily in the app
  • Control & documentation of the installation steps
  • Documentation shipping option
  • Service menu: Support for questions about the wallbox, device manuals of the KWBs and direct contact to KATHREIN eMobility.

Simply mobile charging

Kathtrein easyCharging App

The KATHREIN easyCharging App is the digital access to your wallbox (KWB-AC20, KWB-AC40, KWB-AC60, KWB-AC40E/AC60E). The application supports the use, operation and installation of your wallbox with convenient functions. Intelligent charging management starts on your smartphone: Simply create an account and you have all charging processes and full cost transparency clearly in one hand. Communicate, configure and organize your electromobility with the app. Charge at home, at work, or on the go: Easy access to go.

  • Wallbox configuration
  • Configuration of the data network and interfaces
  • Direct communication with your wallbox (LAN, WLAN)
  • Charge status query: monitoring directly to your smartphone
  • Start and stop the loading process with one click
  • Add and configure RFID cards easily via the app
  • Transparency: usage statistics and energy consumption always available
  • Current charging data at a glance: Track your current charging process in real time or check the charging history easily and transparently from anywhere
  • The service menu offers support for questions about the wallbox and direct contact to KATHREIN eMobility for personal assistance

KATHREIN Digital Systems is a leading provider of digital satellite reception and network technology as well as solutions for indoor mobile radio networks (pDAS), DAB+ radios, charging infrastructures (e-mobility) as well as internet and television for camping.
The Bavarian company focuses on innovative technologies and products to reliably connect people and entertainment.
KATHREIN Digital Systems has a Germany-wide sales network as well as a dedicated team for fast access and partnership-based exchange with all market participants.
Under the Kathrein brand, the company has been offering high-quality products “Made in Germany” with extensive technical support and logistics in Germany for over 100 years.