Below you will find a list of our software tools

SAT BK Planning Tool

Planning tool for SAT IF, single-cable and BK cable network systems

KATHREIN Digital Systems, market leader for digital satellite reception technology and specialist for digital signal distribution, has expanded its free planning tool to include the option of planning cable network systems in network level 4 for up to 32 subscriber connections in addition to SAT IF systems in star distribution and SAT single-cable systems.

This makes simple design via the KATHREIN Digital Systems homepage, including the display of all information, such as level values, cable lengths and number of amplifiers, possible in a further market segment. Specialist dealers and installers then receive a material list with all the required components and can transfer these directly to the shopping cart of the desired wholesaler via the ELBRIDGE 2.0 interface.

Possible configurations of broadband cable networks include the residential star with remote branching (4 to 32 subscriber lines), the central star with internal branching at the installation site (4, 6 or 8 subscriber lines), and series distribution with internal distributor and connected loop-through outlets (max. 4 outlets per branching, 3 to 32 subscriber lines).

The main features of the tool briefly summarized:

  • Convenient design of simple & complex SAT / single-cable / broadband cable network systems
  • Complete overview of all level values for the entire plant
  • Planning of individual cable lengths & placement of amplifiers
  • Calculation of the respective cable types & packaging units
  • Saving, loading & subsequent editing of a configuration
  • Creation of a level plan (PDF) for the entire plant
  • Creation of a material list (PDF) with all required components
  • Automatic transfer of all articles into the shopping cart of an electrical wholesale store via ELBRIDGE 2.0 interface
  • Output of the planning in GAEB format

In the first step towards a universal use of the planning tool, KATHREIN Digital Systems now offers the planning of SAT IF systems in star distribution also in English, including English material list and English level plan. In this way, the company is responding to the demand for appropriate internationally understandable documentation of installations and simplifying multilingual communication between property owners, service providers and retailers.

SAT planning tool for SAT IF & single cable systems


EXI 700

Management software for our K-LAN system
The EXI 700 Coax IP Manager software allows you to display and manage the EXI 01 coax/IP modems in a coax distribution network.

In addition, the data throughput of the individual modems is displayed.

The coax IP management software EXI 700 is available for Windows operating systems.

Further information about our K-LAN products is available at the following link.


Tool for generating a manual single-cable instruction set
The KOneCableCommand tool can be used to generate DiSEqC commands for single-cable systems according to the EN 50494 or EN 50697 standards.

The generated single-cable DiSEqC command sets can then be used for older measuring devices such as MSK 25 or MSK 125.

Thus, with these measuring instruments it is possible to measure the SAT signal on new single-cable multi-switches, e.g. EXD series.

Download KOneCableCommand

Kathrein ESU App

for programming the Kathrein single-cable sockets ESU 5x

To program our antenna sockets of the ESU 5x series, our Kathrein ESU app for Andorid and iOS as well as our PC tool for Windows are available.

Download Kathrein ESU App for Windows

Download Kathrein ESU App for Android

Download Kathrein ESU App for iOS

The SWP 50 programming device is also required.
If the programming of the antenna socket ESU 5x is done via a PC, the USB driver for our SWP 50 is additionally required.

Download USB driver for SWP 50


to display the alarm control panel and the IP camera

Using the KATHREIN IP Finder, components such as the FAZ 100 wireless alarm control panel and our WIK 100 WLAN IP camera can be found in your home network. In addition, the IP address of the mentioned components can be adjusted via the KATHREIN IP Finder tool. Download KATHREIN IP Finder for Windows

Optics calculation tool

for the creation of optical distribution systems

Optical distribution systems can be planned and calculated via our Clikulator. In addition, you get an exact listing of the required components which can be used for your project.

Calculation tool Clikulator

S.M.A.R.T PC Software

for the management of our MSK 30/L, MSK 130 and MSK 140 measuring instruments
S.M.A.R.T PC software for updating the firmware version or the program list for the following measuring instruments

  • MSK 30, MSK 30/D, MSK 30/L
  • MSK 130, MSK 130/O, MSK 130/IA, MSK 130/OIA
  • MSK 140 OHD
  • MSK 240 OIA

Download S.M.A.R.T PC Software Version 5.90 for Windows

Download User Manual S.M.A.R.T PC Software German/English

TS Creator Software

to create a TS file for our UFX 100
Our TS-Creator software is needed to create a TS-File.

This allows, for example, several photos of a hotel to be merged into a video.

Afterwards, this file can be imported at our HDMI encoder UFX 100 and output as a hotel channel into the existing cable network.
Download TS-Creator Software
User manual for TS-Creator software

USW 30

Programming software for our UFOcompact cassettes as well as UFO 30
Here you will find all necessary information and downloads for the USW 30 programming software in connection with our USB adapter cable UFZ 30.

This allows you to program our reprocessing cassettes of the UFOcompact series conveniently via PC/notebook.

The following is required for this:

USW 30 Programming Software Version 4.3

User manual for USW 30 V4.3 programming software

USB driver for adapter cable UFZ 30 Windows 7 to Windows 10

USB driver for adapter cable UFZ 30 Windows XP and Windows Vista

USW 800

Programming software for our UFOcompact Plus, UFOmini, UFOnano and UFO 19" series systems

Here you will find all the necessary information and downloads for the USW 800 programming software.

This allows you to conveniently program our UFOcompact Plus series, UFO 19" series, UFO Mini series and UFO Nano series reprocessors via PC/notebook.

The USW 800 programming software and the German / English user manuals can be downloaded from the link below.

Software USW 800 Windows 64 Bit (Version: v4.2.0 - Größe: 170.62 MB) (1444 downloads)
Software USW 800 Linux 64 Bit (Version: v4.2.0 - Größe: 166.33 MB) (83 downloads)
USW Bedienungsanleitung UFOcompact plus-Software (Version: v 2.6.0 - Größe: 28.20 MB) (693 downloads)

Note: To install the programming software on your Windows PC, a 64 bit operating system is required.