KATHREIN DS launches new mesh WLAN modem EXI 04 WiFi for high-speed Internet over coax

KATHREIN Digital Systems, the market leader for digital satellite reception technology, supplies the EXI 04 WiFi, an enhanced variant of its G.hn modem for Ethernet-over-coax. The EXI 04 WiFI has the same performance data as the EXI 02 (up to 2 Gbit/s data throughput), but brings full WLAN capability. In addition, the integrated mesh function ensures optimal network coverage across rooms and enables end devices to always connect automatically to the optimal access point.

Ethernet-over-coax is a great way to provide high-speed Internet indoors without pulling new cables….

“Ethernet-over-coax is a great way to provide high-speed Internet to indoor spaces without pulling new cables,” knows Alexander Wolf, product manager at KATHREIN Digital Systems. “Because with the EXI 04 WiFi, the signal can be tapped at any point of an existing coax network by up to 15 additional modems via plug-and-play, as well as subsequently used by a wide range of end devices – either wired or via WLAN. This allows users to implement both small and extensive networks in a very simple way.”

The EXI 04 WiFi comes together with a power supply unit as well as a Cat.6 network cable and will be available in stores from the beginning of April for RRP 237.00 EUR.

Overview of key product features:

  • G.hn modem for the Kathrein Ethernet-over-coax “K-LAN 2.4” system
  • Improved data throughput with up to 2 Gbit/s
  • WLAN 5 with 2.4 and 5 Ghz
  • Mesh functionality via WLAN and coaxial cable
  • Simultaneously 16 modems within one network
  • Integrated switch for connecting two network devices
  • “Plug and Play” – connect, secure pairing with “push button” and you’re done!
  • Coaxial range up to 700 m

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