Passive Distributed Antenna Systems

With increasing data traffic and the need for mobile access any time and anywhere, additional availability of mobile networks in indoor environments is indispensable. The network coverage supplied by macro sites is not sufficient to overcome the high penetration losses due to the used façade material of most buildings resulting in poor indoor coverage. To overcome this, distributed antenna systems (DAS) are numerously installed in typical indoor venues like shopping malls, hotels, transportation and hospitals etc. Today, everyone is talking about active DAS, allowing flexible capacity adaption and easy network modification. Depending on the size of the venue and the specific application, it is still often a more cost effective solution to use a passive DAS. Although passive DAS are relatively unflexible to retroactive changes in the system setup, the clear advantages are the simple design, low material costs, low maintenance efforts, high reliability and easy coverage deployment. Hence in venues without significant change in requirements over time the use of a passive DAS may often be reasonable.

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