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up to 100 cm

Experience the best picture quality in HD and 4k with a SAT antenna from KATHREIN

SAT antennas up to 100 cm Ø

Experience the best picture quality in HD and 4k with a SAT antenna from KATHREIN

SAT antennas up to 100 cm Ø

up to 100 cm Products

Flat antenna stationary with Twin Universal LNB
SAT antenna ∅ 57 cm | white
SAT antenna ∅ 57 cm | gray
SAT antenna ∅ 75 cm
SAT antenna ∅ 75 cm | gray | without logo
SAT antenna ∅ 90 cm
CAS 90 HD without logo gray | including mounted heating mat ESO 90 H
SAT antenna ∅ 90 cm | without logo

Experience the best picture quality in HD and 4k with a SAT antenna.

Sophisticated system components such as our LNBs ensure a crystal-clear picture – even in HD and 4k. LNB stands for “Low Noise Block” and means something like “low-noise signal converter” or “low-noise feed system”. Its main task is the clean bundling of the signals received from the antenna and is one of the most important components of a solid SAT system.

No matter if new building or retrofit, single or community system.

Thanks to signal distribution via multi-switches and network amplifiers, SAT reception is not only suitable for new buildings. The retrofitting of an existing system can also be realized easily and flexibly. Combination possibilities with other signals such as DVB-T/-T2 or cable television are not excluded.
Do you have any questions about SAT reception or a specific product? Our customer advisors will be happy to help you.

up to 100 cm FAQ's

Planning and installation aids

A variety of practical tips for planning, installation and alignment of satellite antennas can be found in our support category.
Tips for professional installation of antenna systems

  • Azimuth/elevation values for a variety of German and European locations
  • Mast calculation scheme according to EN 60728-11
  • Planning tool for satellite community installations

For further help you can contact our planning team at anlagenplanung@kathrein-ds.com.

Warranty conditions

Important notes on the warranty conditions for corrosion resistance

  • The antenna must be assembled and mounted professionally, taking into account the specifications of the application note enclosed with the antenna.
  • The antenna must not be modified (e.g. drilled)
  • The antenna must not be mechanically damaged (deformations, deep or extensive injuries or abrasions of the powder layers and surface coating).
  • The antenna must not be damaged by chemicals (e.g. from solvents, paints, cleaning agents, etc.).
    Only original Kathrein accessories may be used on the antenna.

Furthermore, there is no warranty for corrosion resistance for consequences of force majeure, e.g. by lightning strikes or when using the antenna in climatic regions with frequently recurring, strong erosive loads (e.g. sand storms), which erode the protective layers within a short time. Only the original proof of purchase serves as proof of warranty.

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