New EXD 154 multi-switch with automatic operating mode detection now available

New EXD 154 multi-switch with automatic operating mode detection now available

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Our newest multi-switch, the EXD 154, is now available from stock. The EXD 154, developed in-house and manufactured in Germany, is the first Kathrein multi-switch with automatic operating mode detection. You can already find it in the new main catalogue.


What distinguishes the EXD 154 from other multi-switches? Wideband -> Legacy/DiSEqC™

As far as we know, the EXD 154 is the only multi-switch that offers legacy or DiSEqC™ mode at its output sockets for a wideband input signal.

Overview of connection options and operating modes


The EXD 154 allows an almost universal installation. Due to the programming functionality of the outlets and the multi-switch, all other known single-cable functionalities are also possible, e.g. installation across several flats.

Example for mixed operation of DiSEqC™ 1.0 and single cable with up to 16 user bands per subscriber output



 Here is a summary of the most important features:

  • Universal multi-switch with automatic operating mode detection
  • At each connection, a standard TV or 16 receivers can be operated completely independently of each other in single cable mode
  • All types of signalling are supported and automatically detected: 14/18 V 0/22 kHz (legacy), DiSEqC™ 1.0, single cable standards according to EN 50494, as well as the extended command set according to EN 50607 (SCD2 or JESS); PIN codes can also be used in single cable operation
  • The latest IC technology with full band capturing ensures the best signal quality
  • The inputs are broadband and can also be operated with up to two wideband LNBs (e.g. UAS 582)
  • Wideband to Quatro mode: The two inputs of the wideband LNB are permanently connected to the four outputs of the multi-switch. The outputs of the EXD 154 behave like a Quatro LNB, so that an additional standard multi-switch can be connected
  • The integrated AGC (Automatic Gain Control) ensures that the Sat IF signals have a constant output level, which provides for more reserve in the distribution
  • If all TV sets/receivers are switched off, the multi-switch no longer consumes any power. If Kathrein Power Saving is activated, the LNBs are also switched off
  • The integrated power supply unit for supplying the LNB is highly efficient and short-circuit-proof


The EXD 154 is already listed on the market. The suggested retail price is €308.

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The team from KATHREIN Digital Systems

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