EXR 1708

Multiswitch with 8 connections for 4 satellites

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  • Cascadable multiswitches for distribution of 16 satellite levels and terrestrial signals to many receivers
  • Only one down conductor is required per receiver (two down conductors for twin receivers)
  • Independent selection of horizontal/vertical, low/high, satellite positions A/B/C/D from any receiver through DiSEqC™ control
  • With control without DiSEqC™, switching horizontal/vertical, low/high from Sat position A, with Tone Burst additionally Sat position A/position B is possible
  • Integrated amplifier for low connection losses in the satellite range
  • Integrated preemphasis to equalize cable attenuation
  • Possibility of receiving the terrestrial range even when the satellite receiver is switched off
  • Terrestrial range: 5-862 MHz passive
  • High decoupling between outputs
  • Remote power supply possibility via the inputs horizontal low. All other inputs are voltage-free (thus operation with UAS 585 possible).
  • For indoor installation
  • Multiswitch for eight connections, with integrated power supply unit
  • Low power consumption due to highly efficient, short-circuit-proof switching power supply and current-saving concept (each individual multiswitch branch is supplied by the connected receiver and switched off when the receiver is switched off)
  • Expandable with EXR 1718
Type: EXR 1708
Order no: 20510027
Subscriber lines: 8
Inputs: 1 x terr. / 16 x Sat IF
Frequency ranges: 5 – 862 MHz | 950 – 2150 MHz
Connection attenuation ¹): 10 → 13 dB | 5 → 0 dB
Decoupling horizontal → vertical: 25 dB
Decoupling participants: 25 / 25 dB
Max. Output level ²): 112 dBµV
Control with DiSEqC™: Vert./horiz., low/high, pos. A/B/C/D
Control without DiSEqC™ – with 14/18 V and 0/22 kHz – with Tone Burst: Vert./horiz., low/high (pos. A) Pos. A/B
Current consumption/participant: 30 mA
Permissible input voltage range: 198 – 253 V
Nominal input voltage: 230 V (47 – 63 Hz)
Nominal input power at 0-/600-/1500-mA load: 0,4/13,4/32 W
Voltage secondary ³): 18 V
Max. Total remote power supply current ³): 1500 mA
Protection class | Protection class: II (protective insulation) | IP 30
Connections: F-Connectors
Permissible ambient temperature: -20 to +55 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) without F sockets: 249 x 388 x 45 mm
Packaging unit/weight: 1 (5)/1.7 pcs./kg

¹) Frequency-dependent attenuation
²) According to EN 60728-3, 35-dB-IMA
³) About the inputs horizontal low

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