EXD 1524

Multiswitch for 2 x 12 participants

Single cable multi-switch, inputs 1x 5-862 MHz and 4 x 300-2350 MHz, 2 outputs with up to 12 user bands, cascadable, erw. Single cable standard, PIN code, KPS, AGC

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  • Cascadable twin multi-switches: Different configurations/number of user bands can be selected for both outputs by means of rotary switches
  • User band frequencies compatible with earlier Kathrein models
  • Multifeed by simply interconnecting the outputs with the distributor EBC 110
  • Single-cable command set EN 50494 and the new, extended command set EN 50607 (SCD 2) are supported
  • Future-proof due to wideband technology (wideband inputs); up to four satellite positions are possible with wideband LNBs
  • The integrated AGC (Automatic Gain Control) ensures a constant output level of the Sat IF signals and more reserve in the distribution
  • Multi-tuner devices can be supplied with a large number of user bands on one downline
  • PIN code: Protection of the subscriber frequency from access by another subscriber. A cross-apartment installation is thus possible
  • Up to eight multiswitches can be cascaded
  • Due to the power saving concept, the multiswitch does not consume any power from the NCF 18 when no receiver is switched on
  • LED as installation aid and for troubleshooting
  • QR code for installation examples and instructions for use
  • For indoor installation
  • Configurable single-cable multi-switch for up to 24 (2 x 12) user bands and external power supply for LNB supply
  • “Kathrein-Power-Saving” selectable and de-selectable with rotary switch
  • NCF 18: High-efficiency, short-circuit-proof switched-mode power supply according to ERP directive
Type: EXD 1524
Order no: 20510137
Subscriber lines: Up to 2 x 8 or 2 x 12
Inputs: 1 x terrestrial/4 x Sat IF
Connection attenuation (terrestrial): 11 dB
Decoupling horizontal → vertical: 30 dB
Permissible input voltage range: 207 – 253 V
Nominal input voltage: 230 V (47 – 63 Hz)
Nominal input power at 0- | 150- | 500-mA load ¹): 5.4 W | 8.7 W | 15.5 W
Max. Permissible remote supply current (input “horiz. low”): 500 (2 x 250 for wideband) mA
Protection class | Protection class: II (protective insulation) | IP 30
Max. Current consumption via the subscriber connection: 20 mA
Input level Sat: 60 – 90 dBµV
Frequency range: 5 – 862/300 – 2350 MHz
Subscriber frequency/user band: Frequency assignment of the different UBs in modes A and B see application note
Permissible supply voltage at the subscriber output: 12 – 14 V
Output level Sat (AGC): 94 dBµV
Voltage secondary (input “horiz. low”): 18 V
Connections: F-Connectors
Permissible ambient temperature: -20 to +55 °C
Dimensions: 102.8 x 148 x 44 mm
Packaging unit/weight: 1 (10)/0.51 pcs./kg

¹) All subscriber frequencies/user bands in operation

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